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Welcome to AP Biology.  AP Biology is a college prepratory course that introduces high school students to the rigors of Science education at the University level. Pre-requisites are - completion of high school level Biology/Honors Biology and Chemistry/Honors Chemistry courses (transfer students please check with instructor/dean for eligibility). Concepts in Biology are often difficult to master for students because of the intensive vocabulary and breadth of this course.   This website is designed to assist you with integrating concepts and “trying to see the forest for the trees”.  If it all seems incredibly complex and detailed at first - hang in there, once you get through the initial challenges, Biology is addictive!!! Click on UNITS below to go individual chapter links. Scroll down for Science News. (If any links don't work on this site - please email your instructor ASAP - savisas@gmail.com)

Major AP Themes (Chapter 1): these are unifying principles that can be identified in any chapter/unit we study

1)    All of life is based on the cell and “DNA” as the genetic material
2)    Life is organized in heirarchies – cell to organ systems, molecules to biosphere; higher levels show emergent properties
3)    Life operates based on feedback regulation to maintain homeostasis
4)    Life requires energy
5)    Life shows evolution
6)    Structures in life forms relate to their function
7)    Living organisms interact with biotic/abiotic factors
8)    Life is diverse (many species) and shows unity (cells, DNA….)
9)    Life can be studied using scientific inquiry
10)  Science uses technology to study life

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