Field Trips

'Biology' needs to be experienced as a living, breathing process outside the realms of our classroom. I have had the luxury of taking students on field trips in the past. I am hoping we can do that at Leigh. If your parent/guardian is able to be a volunteer driver, then please have them email me at We can go on field trips ONLY if I get sufficient drivers (unfortunately you cannot drive yourself there even if you are 18 years or older -sorry district rules!). This is truly the ONLY way we can go places so get your parents interested and sign up to be a volunteer driver! We will need about 10 or so volunteer drivers who are ADULTS (college going adult siblings okay!), possess a VALID Driver's License and can provide proof of insurance. Of course, as with any school sponsored field trip, you will take consent forms home and be able to go on the trip ONLY if your parent/guardian approves.

Other ways for parents/family to get involved: If your parent/relative/family friend works at a biotech/pharmaceutical company and would not mind some curious minds paying them a visit, please contact me as well. Lectures/demos that are relevant to our topics of study by visiting experts are welcome - pass this information on as well.

- Upcoming trips for you to make on your own in 2008/9: will be posted soon

1) Oct 6th, 7th, 8th, 2007 - Jane Goodall in San Francisco/ Santa Clara. On Sat, Oct. 6/8, lecture titled 'Reason for Hope' - she will lecture on her work in Tanzania and rescuing chimpanzees; Go to Jane Goodall Institute for more details.

2) Tech Museum Human Cadaver Exhibit: Sept 27, 2007 to Jan 26, 2008.

3) Dr. Paul Berg lecture in Santa Clara University (click here for more lecture info and ticket info) - March 12, 2008. A conversation with Dr. Paul Berg, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, teacher, and research advocate. He will answer some of the difficult questions facing stem-cell researchers today. Tickets - $20 - buy them today!

Places we might visit:

-Genetech Labs to view Stem Cell harvesting, PCR in a really LARGE SCALE!, and a lot more....

-Interesting exhibits that happen to tour the bay area during this year

-Places of environmental/ecological interest like the Elkhorn Slough, or the Tide pool Reserves

-Lectures at Cafe Scientifique or at other labs

-Your suggestions are welcome