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Important exam tips in May 6 HW

May 12 - Tuesday, May 14 - Thursday

Work on debate project. DEBATE WORD DOCUMENT here. Do your internet research, complete brochure, and work on speeches. Debates begin on May 20 and I choose groups to go up by lots - so you may be the first one:) AND you won't know this until May 20th - so BE PREPARED. Here is debate sign up sheet - NO CHANGES unless you have checked with me. Alan, Keith, Jeremy, Olivia - you have to sign up in vacant spots on sheet. I have emailed you the sign ups as well.

May 8 - Friday

Good luck on your AP tests - review tips on how to write good essays in May 6 HW. Stay calm and take a glucose source - invert yourself to keep blood flow to your neurons:) TAKE the second practice test this weekend AFTER studying for it.

May 6 - Wednesday

Tips on AP exam - read below:

Lab free response question: Write it out like lab reports. Be sure to include the following information when you design experiments:

Even if the question does not specifically ask for it include the following: (remember, you are never deducted for too much information, but keep it relevant): We have practiced this during the review session.
Use the labs you did in class to design your experiment - it does'nt have to be a new design!
-State the hypothesis and identify it as such
-State the control group
-State the dependent and independent variable(s)
-Identify other variables being held constant (i.e. amount of time, stirring, etc...typically there are two of these)
-Identify what you are measuring and give the units (ex. pressure, change in mass)
-State how and when data will be collected (ex. meausure mass after 30 minutes)
-State what calculation will be used (ex.avg 3 values for mass)
-State how you will be confident in your results (ex. repeat trials, t test)
-State how you will share your results (ex. tables, graphs - draw these with predicted results)
-State what you expect to happen and why - the why is important (like your discussion section)

Outline of the AP Biology Exam:

- 100 multiple choice in 80 minutes= 60% of test: WORK FAST! LESS THAN a minute per question.
- 4 Free Response Essay Questions in 90 minutes (10 minutes reading time)= 40% of test

Essay Section Hints:

-The 4 essay questios are graded equally.
One question is on molecules and cells.
One question is on genetics and evolution.
Two questions are on organisms and populations (physiology will also feature here).-One or more of the questions will be lab-based. (PLEASE SEE LAB SECTION GUIDE ABOVE!)

-Write in essay form! There is room on the test for you to create an outline to guide your answer if you'd like but outlines are not graded. That being said, perfect essay writing is not expected. There aren't deductions for grammer or spelling mishaps (provided the spelling is close enough to determine the word you are trying to write).
-Diagrams are not needed unless asked for secifically -if you are given a graph to drw - label graph axes with UNITS, title them, use correct axes - independent on X, dependent on Y!
-Points are not deducted from your essay score if you give an incorrect statement. (You just don't receive points for incorrect statements). But be careful not to contradict yourself.

May 4 - Monday

1) Complete multiple choice part of practice test I sent you in the email and bring to class. Finish free response by Friday. 2) go through the debate topics - identify the topic you are interested in. DEBATE WORD DOCUMENT. ONLY 1 team/ TOPIC – first come first served! - we choose topic and teams in class on Wednesday. if you are in an AP test, let another student know your choice.

Apr 30 - Thursday - come to the review on Sunday at 6pm in room 46

1) Check back on Saturday - I will have a practice test for you that will be posted that is a full length test.

Apr 28 - Tuesday (Review session - Sunday 6pm and next Wednesday 2:10 pm - in Room 46)

1) Come by tomorrow during tutorial or lunch to pick up your take home physiology test 2) Go to lab bench site and complete this lab on transpiration - important - answer all analysis of results - 1 and 2 as well as quizzes 1 and 2- print it out -goes in lab book

Apr 24 - friday

1) Pizza place review session - at 6pm on Sunday - at Amatos pizzeria (click to see where it is). Bring money for dinner if you are eating there - menu is on the link as well. Expect it to last a couple of hours. Bring unit 5 and unit 3 notes - dna stuff and diversity. Ask parents to pick you back up at 830pm gang.

Apr 22 - Wednesday

1) Quiz on chp 47 - reproduction, 48 - nervous system and 49 - sense organs and muscular contraction next class.

Apr 20 - Monday

1) Complete the practice test and bring print out to class - click here if you don't have the test - scroll to multiple choice test 2) Go to your textbook website - complete - Case Study - what triggers a nerve impulse - record answers and bring a print out. 3) Your task is to figure out the different parts of the forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain and for each part, you need to know 2 important functions. Also, you need to know what the components of the Limbic system are - and their functions. You can use the internet or textbook for this assignment - write it out in your notes.

Apr 9 - Thursday - Spring break HW (Sorry, I am not available during break:)

1) Go to page on class AP Bio website that takes you to AP College Board (look at menu option on panel on right side) - find the instructions to get on to college board AP Biology site - you have to make an account there. Take the multiple choice practice test for AP Biology - print and bring to class. 2) Click here for plant chapter objectives. Complete the objectives. I will not cover these chapters - but there will be a quiz when you return.

Apr 7 - Tuesday

1) Quiz on chp 44 - Regulation, chp 45 - Endocrine system and Electrophoresis lab next class 2) Complete the following HW as designated by your gender - ahem! Alex and my boys need some clarifications... girls, you have a few questions as well.

Apr 3 - Friday

1) Go to lab bench site and complete ALL the exercises for this lab and print out the two sets of problems, analysis of results 2 and the lab quiz - THERE WILL BE A FULL ON QUIZ ON THIS LAB THIS WEEK! 2) Complete notes on reproduction - chp 46 - this is already up in Unit 7 page:)

Apr 1 - Wednesday - will go down in the history as the day Sastry was 'fooled' by the best! what can I say... I am still finding snails... MAX does not have that many friends!!

1) You have picked up notes for chp 45 - (so Vivv hid them but I have the pdf here) complete them please using the textbook. 2) Go through this lab packet and know what we are doing on Friday - and remember we have guests - so... back to normal:) Oh and students who have electronic blood pressure monitors please bring them tomorrow!

Mar 30 - Monday

1) Complete the following Activities - 44C, 45A, 45B, 45C, 45D, these are in the textbook website/cd - take the activities quiz for chapter 44 and chapter 45 - these are important chapters! 2) Quiz next class on chp 44 and whatever we cover of 45 in class.

Mar 26, Thursday

1) Read chapter 44 - Regulation in textbook.

Mar 24, Tuesday

1) Complete the textbook quiz for chp 43 - know this chp inside out! quiz next class 2) Look up one article in the news where a T lymphocyte or B lymphocyte has featured in the past 2 years and summarize the findings of the article - relate it to the 3rd line of defense.

Mar 19, Friday

1) Quiz on circulation - ch 42; 2) Complete notes for chp 43 - I need to catch up folks:)

Mar 18, Wednesday

1) Read through the blood pressure lab in Labs page - (Unit 7). Complete a prelab for Exercise 10C - it is on Page 10 of the hand out. Type/hand write it and bring it to class - you may hand draw the graphs. I need all sections of the prelab completed. Use the format sheet in the labs page (how to write a prelab?) A prelab should take 20 minutes to do by this time - and remember it is a free response essay on your AP test - :))))) 2) Read the article on gene/muscle doping/bionic futute (any one of three) - articles page and do a one page summary and critical analysis.

Mar 16, Monday

1) Quiz on digestion - chp 41
2) Complete radioactivity m and m lab
3) Know the different parts of the heart - go on this website to learn the parts and then take the quiz by clicking here. If the click and drag does not work, it does not matter you are to anyways print out the labeled heart. So, label after printing.
4) Research what factors influence blood pressure and write a couple of paragraphs on any one factor that you could test in humans.


2) Pop quizzes on physiology - any day, any time - be prepared! 2) Complete the Chi square lab activity handout 3) Complete the lab bench Drosophila lab handout - you picked this up in class 4) Complete radioactivity m and m lab - due Wednesday - if you need some help on carbon dating, click here! 5) Diversity project due on Monday, Mar 16!! - you need to classify your organism from Domain to species; write one interesting fact; have a picture - Bind all of them together. Bring a list in for me to check off your live specimens.

Mar 10, Tuesday

1) Bring a large bag (need 200 between 2 students) of m and m's of all colors (not peanut kind). You are reading this, this is not an illusion, and this is all you have for homework!!!

Mar 6, Friday

1) study for unit test - chp 26 - 34; study everything we went ove in class - all multiple choice 2) work on treasure hunt.

Mar 4, Wednesday

1) Complete notes for chp 34 2) Quiz on chp 32 and upto mollusca in chp 33 3) Figure out where you can find stuff for treasure hunt! 4) Unit test - next Tuesday - chp 26 to 34 - STUDY!!

Mar 2, Monday

1) Complete notes for chp 33 and 2) Quiz on chp 30, 31 3) Bring lab book 4) Treasure Hunt through the Divesity of Life! - this will be due on March - 16.

Feb 26, Thursday

1) Complete the chapter notes for 31, 32 (at the end scroll pl), and 33 - chp 33 is coming soon; check back tomorrow.
2) Turn in lab books on Tuesday - no exceptions!
3) Quiz on Plant diversity 1 - study!

Feb 24, Tuesday

1) Complete the transformation lab discussion questions - paste hardy Weinberg and transformation labs in lab books - need to be turned in on Wednesday. 2) Evaluate the theory of endosymbiosis - do an online search to see if this is an acceptable theory to explain the origin of eukaryotes - are there loopholes, are there alternate theories? One page with bibliography 3) Study for quiz - chp 26,27,28

Feb 13 - Happy Birthday Darwin (and Mikey)! Sabrina, do we have class pictures of the party?

1) Holiday Homework - complete the lecture outline for the diversity unit - sorry folks - the AP madness has struck! I have less than 2 weeks to complete this unit and you need to have this information processed BEFORE you come to class - review the chapter, use the powerpoint, textbook companion site and complete the lecture notes to the best of your ability. I will go through each of these chapters in class - but I will be racing through the material! (I am updating chp 31-34 - it will be added shortly - please check back!).Try this pdf format if images don't work!

Feb 11 - Darwin's birthday tomorrow; party in class on Friday - sign up here for what you will bring to the party - and we can get elementary if you like and exchange cards:) what is this singing telegram?

1) Test - evolution chapters - no changes.
2) Get your CSI information at this google sites page - your period has been working to get this going over break - help out gang:) you will have fun!

Feb 9 - Monday - Please come into tutorial at 9am on Wednesday - tomorrow - to get started with the lab procedure - you will be transforming bacteria to make it glow!

1) Study for unit test - chp 22 through 25 - parts that we covered - use your activities and online quizzes
2) Complete lecture notes for chp 26, 27- use powerpoints
in unit 5

Feb 4 - Thursday

1) Complete the allopatric or sympatric speciation pictures and paragraph for each panel; also complete notes for chapter 25 from powerpoint
2) Unit test on Evolution - (there may be a pop quiz also) next week - study! go through the chapter quizzes on your textbook companion site. 3) Research the stingless wasp Nasonia and its life cycle - write a paragraph on it and how it reproduces! Bring to class - we will do the courtship and mating lab next Monday.

Feb 2 - Tuesday - thank for the most amazing microevolutionary experience ever!

1) Complete the lab - if you wish to type it up, the lab handout is in the Lab's page - see evolution unit 4. Bring to class.
2) Go to lab bench - complete the Exercises, quizzes, and analysis of results I (not II) for Bacterial transformation lab - print and bring to class. You can attach to lab book when I return it (my Aeries is completely messed up - so I am waiting for district to fix it to enter grades)

Jan 30 - Friday

1) Article Review: Remember - Turn it in into the turnitin.com folder and bring a hardcopy on Tuesday! Read the article titled 'God's Utility Function' by Richard Dawkins (Articles page - scroll down to unit 4). Summarize the article in one page - and then, use the 'review guidelines' in the Articles page to write a critical review (another page or so). This is a very controversial article and could provoke you to think (:). Finally answer this question: How does this article connect to 1) Darwinian theory 2) Hardy Weinberg equilibrium principle (if you did not get this principle in class- the linked site here has the 5 concepts explained with animations)
2) Reminder - due Tuesday!: Complete all problems in Hardy Weinberg handout

3) Oh and think of your moves for a species specific mating dance:) - lab next class; don't miss it!

Jan 28 - Wednesday

1) Write a free response essay: It has been determined that the closest relative to the humans is the chimpanzee. Other somewhat related species are gorillas and orangutans. Research the most recent common ancestor of humans and chimps and also how we are related. How did these species evolve? Describe 5 different types (one anatomical, one behavioral, one embrological, one fossil, one molecular/genetic) of evidences that can show that these species are indeed related to a common ancestor. Turn it in into the turnitin.com folder and bring a hardcopy for in class corrections!
2) To practice Hardy Weinberg problems with an online tutorial visit this site - Click here. If you can solve the problems in this word document you don't need the tutorial. Do problems 1,2 and 3 in word document tonight. Bring to class. Save the rest for the weekend.

3) Portfoilios due on Friday

Jan 26, Monday - Semester 2 - welcome back! buckle up - it is a fast ride from here on! you can do it:)

1) Portfolio (due Friday) - Must have the following - a) Table of contents b) Unit wise organization of Notes - ALL chapters from 1-21 and 50-54 c) Unit wise organization of OBJECTIVES (I will print unit 3 objectives for you - see email), activities, artcle reviews, and any assignments done. d) Labs stay in labbook - cross reference the page number in the table of contents.
2) Now complete this portfolio progress of growth document - place in the front cover of the portfolio w ith your name. As tedious as this is - please complete it - short answers, but done effectively is what I would like to see!
3) Make a comic strip (due Jan 28, Wednesday - stop complaining Kasra) with ATLEAST 6 panels either computer/hand drawn to show the evolution of your favorite animal - click here for quedat website you viewed in class. Each panel should illustrate and state in words clearly what the panel is showing - you should have the steps of Darwin's theory and make sure that the panels are comprehensive in showing the steps.

Jan 16, Friday - study, study, and study!!!

1) Amatos - review session from 11 am to 1:30pm - location - 6081 Meridian Avenue, suite #60. San Jose, CA 95120; see website for directions.
2) Parkinson's Institute letter (only for interested students) - first visit the institute website and search through the researchers and what they do there. Next, write me a letter that states your age, your background in Science - classes you have taken (pl include that you are my student!), summer programs you may have attended; why you are interested in interning at the institute; how many weeks you hope you can spend there (you don't have to state anything more specific - you can work out precise times after you get in touch with the scientist). Send me this as an email and I will forward it to the scientist.

Jan 14 - Wednesday (I do love you baby! and fyi that was a stanford website)

1) Study for finals - finish notes for chp 20

Jan 12 - Monday - it is good to be back despite the cultural shock i received at the ball - yea jeremy:)

1) Study for finals - all chapters in units 8, 1, 2, and 3 - don't put it off until the weekend - there is simply not enough time! there will be a review session - to be announced shortly
2) Seminar at Cafe Scientifique is in your email - this is the extra credit option - make sure you read it. Be there with a note pad to take lecture notes.
3) Portfolio - keep lab book as is - don't have to print lab stuff over again. Rest of the material - organize into units and chapter wise - you can put it all in one large binder with proper tabs and section dividers. You need an INDEX PAGE. You will have to print some of the turnitin stuff - make sure yu have visited the classroom and collected all assignments. Due when you come back after finals.

Dec 19 - Friday - goes down in history as the day my students got punked:)

1) Compete the portfolio check list - just account for all the assignments at this time
2) Study for unit test - chp 12 through 19 (both inclusive) - 98 multiple choice questions. Here is the review for the unit 3 test - print and bring to class on Tuesday after break - your sub will help you! Oh and have a GREAT WINTER BREAK - I will miss you :)
I will be online if you need to reach me!

Dec 17 - Wednesday

1) Study for quiz - there will be short answers; also ques that involve making amino acid sequences from DNA codes (chp 16,17,18) - and get your notes completed - there is lots to do.. fRIDAY is going to be a big day - don't miss it or you WILL regret it!

Dec 15 - Monday

1) Quiz on chp 16,17,18 - friday - study! Please be sure to comlete all your notes - it will be checked!
2) Complete article review - Eukaryotic genome organization and its hidden mysteries and submit into turnitin folder

Dec 11/12 - Friday

1) Secret message to a friend/foe - if you dare!!! - bring this message to deliver next class. Follow instructions in word document (download here)
2) Complete the chapter quiz for chapter 17 and tunitin into the folder!
3) The Great Journey Reader or "GJR" Project - here it is - journey through the great diversity of the bacteria, protistan, plant and animal kingdoms - be sure to completely read through the requirements of this project and come back with questions on Wednesday. Split the Unit 5 chapter objectives and diversity booklet pages so you know who is responsible for what in your group of TWO students. Due on the day you get back from break. ANYONE WHO WAS NOT AT THE FRIDAY SESSION AFTER SCHOOL or DID NOT HEAR ME INTRODUCE THIS PROJECT - EMAIL ME FIRST!

Dec 9, Tuesday - missed my per 2 students:( - congratulations to ALL of you - I would have a special award for each of you - 'Surviving AP Biology'!

1) Visit this awesome animation on protein synthesis and preview it - the next chapter is INTENSE to say the very least. So lets start EARLY! And if I say it is intense - you will know by now that I am serious:)

2) Go to the Biocoach website and click on 'From gene to protein - transcription': View the animations and concepts and take the self-quiz. Do the same for 'From gene to protein: translation' and take the self-quiz AFTER reviewing the material. Without completing these activities, class will be TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for one day. Print/write answers out to the self-quiz and bring it in.

Dec 5, Fri - the double helix dance - WATCH IT and DO IT! GO VIVV!

1) Write a free response essay on how meiosis errors can result in chromosomal aberrations - include all details!
2) Go to Articles Page - Scan down to Unit 3 - 'Are Viruses Alive' - complete an article review (use article page instructions for how to do one). Submit into turnitin folder. If you have time read - why the 'Y chromosome is weird' in the article page (same unit) - yes, it is a legitimate Sci. Am article - you may discover the answers to all your questions in life Ryan:)

Dec 3, Wed

1) Complete Activities for Chp 15 - you will meet the little green blobs with the single tooth :) - do the Activities quiz and bring to class a printed copy.
2) Complete meiosis lab - lab bench site - exercise 1 - analysis of reults 2; comparison of mitosis and meiosis; lab quiz 2
3) Reminder - Go to this google sites and write your name for the day you prefer your extra class session to be - if you can make it on all days, sign in all places please - thanks. Do this ASAP.

Dec 1, Mon

1) Quiz next class - on chp 14 - Mendelian and non-mendelian problems - go back to the site you used for review and complete the other problems - from multiple alleles upto, but not including trihybrid crosses - you might see the same (exact) problem!.
2) Complete the genetics disease brochure - as described in this handout! - due Wednesday - bring it printed - and submit the written part into the tunritin folder
3) Go to this google sites and write your name for the day you prefer your extra class session to be - if you can make it on all days, sign in all places please - thanks. Do this ASAP.

Nov 23, Mon - Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and SLEEP IN!

1) Complete these monohybrid and dihybrid problems! Due on Monday, Dec1.
2) Complete the genetics disease brochure - as described in this handout!

Nov 20, Thu

1) Complete your notes for chp 12 and 13 - will be checked next class! 2) Go to your textbook site and complete the chapter quiz for 12 and 13 - in class quiz on these chapters!
3) Answer in two paragraphs - how does meiosis lead to greater variation - explain with pictures how both independent assortment and crossing over accomplish genetic rearrangement and recombination. Bring to class. Also bring last week's free response in a hard copy format.

Nov 18, Tuesday

1) Continue HW from last class - you got your extension! 2) Go to phschool lab bench site - click here. Complete analysis of results 1 and lab quiz 1. for Mitosis lab. Glue down in lab book.

Nov 14, Friday

1) Go the links provided here: a) Nobel Prize winning 2001 team research - read through and answer using YOUR OWN WORDS!: a) What are cyclins and cdk - how do they work as checkpoints for cell cycle phases (use your textbook)? b) Do the levels of cdk drop during the cell cycle? If not, how is the enzyme regulated to 'start and stop' working? c) How did the scientists figure out the roles of these checkpoint proteins? d) What are some real world applications of this research? Next, go to the 2) Cell cycle checkpoint game - you need Flash for this (can be downloaded from google search for free). As you play the game record what happened at the different stages when you made your choices - like a journal! Finally go to - 3) Cancer and the cell cycle - view and listen to each animation - there are five of them. USING YOUR OWN WORDS - answer a) What are the internal clocks this site refers to? b) What causes a cell to turn cancerous? c) Cancer can result from genes getting turned on or off - explain this statement. d) What is the difference between a benign tumor and a metastatic tumor? SUBMIT all three parts of this assignment into a turnitin folder! 4) Choose any two of the free response questions from this document and answer them - type and turn into turnitin.com - print out hard copies and bring to class.

Nov 11, Tuesday

1) Come in tomorrow - to do quiz retakes ( chp 7 and 8) - either during tutorial/lunch
2) Bring completed lab books to class on Friday - Viv/Ryan - please send the lab checklist to the group!
3) Unit 2 test - chapters 7 through 11 on Friday - STUDY! objectives available now.
There is an organizer in unit 2 page for photosynthesis and respiration at the bottom of the page - know everything in it!

Nov 6, Thursday

1) Come in tomorrow - Friday to do quiz corections ( cell respiration and photosynthesis) - either during tutorial/lunch
2) Retake for chp 8 quiz (scantron portion) will be next Wednesday after school, and Thursday during tutorial - I will post your grades this weekend and you can decide if you wish to take it over.
3) Upload your data on google sites - click here and complete analysis for photosynthesis lab by clicking here. In case you are looking for the lab handout I gave you, it is here. The handout and analysis get glued down in your lab books. Submit analysis into turnitin.com
4) Unit 2 test - chapters 7 through 11 on Friday - STUDY! objectives available now.
It will be a full period test and you will need to be completely thorough with your preparation - your lab books and notes will be checked. There is an organizer in unit 2 page for photosynthesis and respiration at the bottom of the page - know everything in it!


Nov 4, Tuesday - Election day! and the day the quiz went uh oh not so good!

1) Come in and do chp 9 and 10 quiz corrections for points - ONLY available tutorial or lunch on Friday, Nov 7 this week (sorry, no exceptions). Average was LOW - so please do the corrections... the Unit test will have similar questions.
2) Complete cell respiration analysis - click here for word document
3) Write a free response essay on this prompt -click here. Submit into turnitin.com and bring hard copy.

1) Oct 31, Friday - Halloween! Pictures here...

1) Study for quiz on cell respiration and photosynthesis - Tuesday for sure!
2) Go to google sites and put up your cell respiration lab data - click here - analysis needs some data interpretation - I will go over this on Tuesday - so please make sure your data - (as much as you can fill in) is in the google sites
3) Go to Lab Bench - complete the lab activity on photosynthesis - do Analysis of results I, Lab quiz I, Analysis of results II, Lab quiz II - print out and glue down in lab book - I will be checking books! Make sure it is complete!

Oct 29, Wednesday - 2 days until Halloween! you are all invited to my haunted house for trick or treating - address is on google site! and definitely don't even think of tpying my home! Yea Ryan!

1) Complete the lab discussion for the veggie lab by clicking here
2) Sign up for dizert party :) on Friday by clicking here - decide how much of a dish to bring based on how many sign up for it... oh and we are trying to go cultural as in you bring a dizert from the place you hail from - BUT no pressure!
3) Do the activities quiz for Chp 10 - copy and paste it from textbook website to word document and submit into turnitin.com!
4) Study for cell respiration + photosynthesis quiz -mmm Tal says party+lab+quiz does not go well together - we shall see, but study anyway! Sorry about the botch up with the quiz print outs today!

Oct 27, Monday

1) Complete the prelab for the peas and cricket lab by clicking on this document
2) Complete inputting your data into google sites for the veggie core experiment
3) Study for cell respiration quiz!

Oct 23, Thursday - 2008

1) Lab - Click here for Part 1 and 2 analysis HW - complete and paste in lab book. Part 3 - veggie solute concentration determination needs to be completed by Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to inut your data into this google site link - click here for the veggie lab.
2) Complete chapter quiz for chp 9 from companion site.

Oct 21, Tuesday - 2008

1) Prelab: Open this word document - answer the questions and glue down in your lab book. Sign up for your veggie here!
2) Complete - activities in companion textbook site - 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9F- these are really good and will help you with the cell respiration chapter incredibly. Take the activities quiz (25 questions)- copy and paste the answers and turn it into turnitin.com folder.

Oct 17, Friday - 2008

1) Go to articles page - do an article review for the Sci Am article under Unit 2 - Cell communication - the Inside Story. Write a summary focusing on the different types of cell signaling, the players involved in cell communication, the resultant cellular response and how the response changes based on the receiving cell. Also, write about how cell signalling changes during disease and how therapies/treatments could be based on cell communication. Review all the pictures and legends. How does this connect with Chp 11? Must be 1 and 1/2 pages in length.
2) Go to Lab Bench website by clicking here (add this to your favorites - we will use this site a lot!). Go through the Diffusion and Osmosis lab - complete all the selfquizzes and final Lab quiz. Print out your answers by pasting on to a word document and glue down into your lab books. Bring your lab boooks to class on Tuesday.

Oct 15, Wednesday - 2008 - Test corrections begin Monday for Unit 1

1) Super Quiz on Chp 7 and 8 - expect about 35 multiple choice ques AND a free response essay on chp 8! Look at your in class notes - on the very top it says what possible free response ques. may come from each chapter.
2) Lab report for enzyme lab due next class - please go to labs page and print out a self assessment form which is under ' Writing AP Bio labs' - lab report format, check list, and self-assessment (word document). Make sure your lab report meets the check list requirements. Check to see if you are using the Bibliography and reference format as outlined in the checklist.Submit into turnitin.com folder!
3) Do these two new water potential problems - 5 extra credit points for 1st person who posts their (correct) anwers on yahoo groups - go Alec! If you are having trouble with this concept - do the Case Study for chp 36 - How to calculate Solute and Water potentials. See me tomorrow - Thursday for help - I may not be at school on Friday :( - viral proteins have triggered chemokines/histamine/and other cell communication agents AND I am going under... need my T and B cells to respond faster! This is what happens after AP BIO!!! You will be similarly afflicted soon...

Oct 13, Monday - 2008

1) Go to this link on the plasma membrane and view ALL animations/ sections - check your understanding by answering the review questions. I have not covered active transport in class yet, so you need to learn it from the animations. Next, go to chapter 8 textbook companion site/CD and do the CHAPTER QUIZ (questions 1 to 31). Bring a printout - I am collecting it!
2) Complete the Case Study for Chp 8 - How does Salt affect Plant and Animal Cells - this is also from your textbook companon site/CD - you can find it on the left column. Copy and paste your answers on to a word document - they have known to disappear! Turn it into turnitin.com folder.
3) Do these water potential problems - click on word document!
4) Work on other sections of lab report - title, abstract, design, bibliography - lab report due on Friday!

Oct 9, 2008, Thursday - IMPORTANT - add your lab results here!

1) Enzyme lab - go to this link for procedure - phases 3 and 4 are missing in temperature group! Check the procedure below: We have FOUR stages to this experiment;
1. Time trial to get the time that VMAX occurs at..use times @ 10s, 15s, 25s, 35s, 45, 1min, 1:15min , 1:30min until 1000mg/dl result is obtained. Note down when 1/2 Vmax occurred - this is when glucose concentration is around 400mg/dl - why did we choose this time interval? why is this important?
2. Test different salt/pH/temp around optimal (.9%/pH6.5/48c) at the 1/2VMAX time (around 25sec) -
3. Test on extreme - low salt concentration/pH/temp with a time trial - do a time course by choosing one extreme (to see if that salt/pH/temp level can eventually hit the VMAX, and if it does, what time it hits VMAX)
4. Test on the other - high extreme salt/pH/temp with a time trial.
Complete getting data by Friday after school. Due Monday - Results table and conclusion for your factor for lactase lab - click here for word document; YOU NEED DATA FROM ALL OTHERS IN THE GROUP -to help you get this I have another page in our google site - you can use this - click here for entering your lactase results. Also complete overall Introduction to lab report - same word document.
2) Cell era letter - due Monday - see below - HW from last class for instructions.

Oct 7, 2008 - Tuesday - my PIONEER Groups who have the experiment figured out - please go to this link and type up your procedure!
1) Enzyme lab - complete the lab by Friday. By tomorrow (Wednesday)- have a prelab that is finalized and approved by me. You can get together with another group doing the same variable as yourself to extend your lab data to include additional measuring points/repeat trials. You may perform the lab on Wed/Thu/Fri after school. You will be given 8 glucose sticks per group of 2 students. Enzyme lab report due next Friday.

2) Cell Era Letter -Your boss is going to fire you and your department (organelle/part) due to cutbacks in your company and the dire state of the economy - yes, the cells have felt it too! Sign up for an organelle by clicking here (click on edit page button and you can sign up!). Make a plea to your boss to not fire you because you are indespensible to the cell. Be sure it is typed with cell part functions, diseases caused if part/organelle is compromised, location/structure as you feel pertinent to the situation. Length - 1 page. Need a SUPER COOL picture to support your plea. Base your letter on facts but BE CREATIVE! ONE PER STUDENT! Due Monday next week.
3) Link for SUPER COOL Harvard cell video site - click here

Oct 3, 2008 - Friday - Check your grades on Sunday morning (sigh no life for me this weekend!) - it will be your 6 week grade!

1) Enzyme lab - complete the lab by Friday - I will figure out how many glucose sticks you can use this weekend. Spend time with your partner discussing the steps of the lab and have a clear plan in your prelab book. Remember all lab data need to be recorded in your prelab book.
2) Complete chapter test for #5 and #6 - from your textbook website - print out your score and bring to class. Be careful - the quizzes open to the pre-test - you need to do the CHAPTER TEST - it has 50 ques. for chp 5 and 40 ques for chp 6.
(Self-study - do the case study for chater six - how do enzymes work?) Do these tests AFTER you have studied for the test - how to study - use the objectives with answers - in Unit 1 page; your notes+ powerpoints!
3) Unit test - chp 1 through 6 on Tuesday. Review session at 2:10 pm in Room 46 on Monday - you can hang in Room 46 until I am free as it is a minimum day for you. Bring your notes and printed objective answers on Tuesday for a check.

Oct 1, 2008 - Wednesday - Check your grades on Sunday morning - it will be your 6 week grade!

1) Enzyme lab - Toothpickase Part 1 - complete the graph and data table as well as data analysis for your data and class data - using this handout (go to page 5). Use excel software to draw your graphs. You are drawing line graphs.
2) Prelab for lactase lab Enyme lab Part 2 - email or talk to your lab partner - all emails are in your gmail account. Next, sign up for the independent variable using this link. Following this, complete your prelab using this word document for part 2.

Sep 29, 2008 - Monday - Bring test corrections to class tomorrow - I will collect them. Objectives due on Friday!

1) Macromolecule quiz next class - to review for this quiz, complete the identification of the macromolecules in the handout you started for functional groups - chp 4.2) Self study (in case you did not do this!): check your understanding of Chp 5 - Get on your textbook companion site - if you have a CD - you can use that. Now click on QUIZZES on the left side panel - be careful - now you have to CLICK AGAIN on CHAPTER QUIZ - it has 50 questions - complete these! If you do well on this congratulate yourself - you have in your grasp one of the three most intense chapters in AP Bio!

3) Prelab for enzyme lab: Part 1 - Toothpickase simulation - open this word document - and write the prelab in your lab book. Print the data tables and paste it in your lab book. Also, bring your procedure to class. Part 2 is lactase lab - it will be up next class.

Sep 25, 2008 - Thursday - I took a quick look at your Macromolecule teenie tiny lab report :) - your classes rock - miles ahead of shhhhh we shall not reveal more... (sorry Joon!)

1) Macromolecule table - complete this table - fill in with as much details as you can - it will be a good study tool. Quiz on Macromolecules next class.
2) Self study: check your understanding of Chp 5 - Get on your textbook companion site - if you have a CD - you can use that.
Now click on QUIZZES on the left side panel - be careful - now you have to CLICK AGAIN on CHAPTER QUIZ - it has 50 questions - complete these! If you do well on this congratulate yourself - you have in your grasp one of the three most intense chapters in AP Bio!

3) Free response essay - Submit in turnitin.com folder and bring hardcopy to class. Part 1- Describe the 4 levels of protein structure paying particular attention to where the bonds are formed that stabilize each structure. Why is this folding important? Part 2- You are studying a cellular enzyme involved in breaking down fatty acids for energy. Looking at the R groups of the amino acids in FIGURE 5.15, of your textbook what amino acids would you predict to occur in the parts of the enzyme that interact with the fatty acids? Why might this region of the enzyme need to be sequestered in a pocket, rather than on the enzyme's surface? Part 3 - How can changes in pH and temperature disrupt protein folding - give the specific changes in the type of bondings you will see when pH and temperature is changed. Due next class.

Sep 23, 2008 - Tuesday- Happy Birthday Caitlyn - now only the folks in Europe know :)

1) Macromolecule report - only complete the sections indicated in this document - you are not doing a full report - due next class - everyone does their own.

3) Get on your textbook companion site - if you have a CD - you can use that. If not go the page in this website that
takes you to Textbook Info/Resources. Follow instructions there to log onto the textbook site. Go to Chp 5 - you will see the drop down menu bar on the top - choose the chapter # there. Click on Activities on the left panel. Complete 5E to 5H. Next, click on Activities quiz - complete the quiz. Print out your answers and bring them to class.

Sep 19, 2008 - Friday

(Monday morning - come in during tutorial for reviewing your tests with me and chart your path to that elusive AP Bio 'A' - at 7:50 am on Monday - you know where...)

1) In your lab notebooks complete the prelab for the macromolecule lab. See the linked word document for instructions. Print this document and bring to class - you will need it for the lab!
2) Bring 5 solutions -
you need to bring about 1/4 of a regular water bottle for each one. They will serve a positive or negative control for the 4 macromolecule tests we will perform in class (Benedict's, Biuret, Sudan Lipid test, and Iodine test). Each test needs ONE positive AND one negatve control - so plan it out! Every food has to be a liquid other than water - please don't add salt to water to technically bypass this requirement! Yea Alex :)
3) Start filling out this review table - remember our 'Curve of forgetting'? - you need to re-visit material to keep it alive - so here is your chance - stop with Primary structure of proteins! Review your notes! This is a difficult topic ONLYif you fail to review! See you Monday during tutorial!

Sep 17, 2008 - Wednesday

1) Human impact on environment - open the word document and follow instructions - due Friday - submit into turnitin.comfolder. Use this site for ecological footprint - click here!
2) Notes and objectives - students who signed up for doing objectives for Unit 1 please keep up with it!

Sep 15, 2008 - Monday (Happy Birthday John! Promised Alec I would wish you on the website :)

1) Functional groups assignment: Go to the site - phSchool (click here) and complete the 'Practice' (blue button on right corner) and 'Challenge' problems- use the 'Review' button if you need to brush up concepts. Once you can do these, open the word document linked here and identify the functional groups in the organic molecules (stop AT page 4; print it and bring to next class). Quiz next class - you should be able to draw and identify these functional groups.
2) Human impact on environment - open the word document and follow instructions - due Friday.
3) Notes and objectives check - Organize the Notes - fully completed and the objectives answers (just print answers out from Unit 8 page).

Sep 11, 2008 - Thursday

1) Pill bug lab: Complete the entire lab report - ALL sections including Abstract and Bibliography. Save it as a Microsoft 97 document and upload to turnitin.com. Due next class (bring printed copy to class)
2) Unit test - Ecology on Monday! A practice test is here for here. A video review is linked to Unit 8 page under powerpoints.
Come in early to tutorial on Monday for review session. How do I study for this test? First review your notes and my review video ; next test yourself by using the Unit 8 objectives document (click here to download it) posted here - do you know the answers to all topics covered in class?; finally take the multiple choice practice test - there will be 65 questions - and 45 sec to complete each one - it is a timed test - know the material well!

Sep 9, 2008 - Tuesday

1) Pill bug lab: Complete results and discussion (click here) part of lab report. Due next class (bring printed copy to class) - To learn how to construct the graphs for this lab - go to your labs page and scroll down to 'Using Microsoft Excel'. Download the tutorials (do it today and check if the video works - if there are problems with your computer you still have time) as it tells you to do on the labs page and complete your graphs for your data. Then complete the discussion section using the word document I have attached here. Every student completes their own lab report (everything goes into turnitin folder in the end). The downloading of the tutorial is not that bad - it takes 15 min - so you can use the website and not worry about bringing in a flash drive tomorrow!
Mac users - ctrl + click is same as right click! video not working is not an acceptable excuse - I sent you an email to help you with the process!

Sorry about my voice in the tutorial - I was holding the mic with one hand and typing with the other - and it was interesting to say the least trying to come with with a product in a few hours with an unfamiliar software!

Sep 5, 2008 - Friday
1) Students who signed up for Unit 8 objectives on Google Sites please go to Unit 8 - open up the objectives word document and start typing the answers. You can see who else has the same objectives - share the load - I need one set of objectives/two students. Due date - Friday, Sep 12
2) Open this document and complete the free response essay on population growth - due next class.
3) Pill bug lab: Complete title, introduction, design, materials, methods part of lab report. Use this document (click here) to set up your Introduction. Due next class (bring printed copy to class) - remember most of these have been completed in the prelab section. Use the lab report guidelines for other sections. Every student does their own lab report (everything goes into turnitin folder in the end). (Go to pictures from home page to watch your videos - they are unlisted so no one in the public domain can see you!)

Sep 3, 2008 - Wednesday
1) Sign up for your Unit Objectives by going to your gmail a/c. You have one invitation from me to join Google Sites (and a second email to join google groups - do both!). Go to the google site and follow instructions. If you did not receive an email from me (there are 4 students in this group), send me an email ASAP - you are off my gmail radar! (savisas@gmail.com)
2) Check out your pictures - home page has a link on the right margin! If the setups in these pictures are not your final ones, be sure to take pictures - you need to attach them to your lab report
3) Pill bug lab: Complete your lab by Friday after school -You need 3 trials - this means once you have finished your test-run and ALL the parameters have been finalised, you will run the SAME experiment 3 times (take out the pill bugs after each trial and give them a 'break' of 5-10 min and then re-introduce them into the same environment) . There should be no difference in the setup between the 3 trials (unless you have a unique situation and you've checked with me by chat). Each trial has to be 30 min in duration and involve 15-20 pill bugs. Also, during each trial you will collect data at least EVERY 5 min (observe them for qualitative data such as kinesis, taxis, social behaviors AND count how many are in each envirnment). There will not be any additional class time given to do this unfortunately as we have to cram curriculum. FINALLY, after your 3rd trial, you may just leave the pill bugs in the box and come back after 24hrs to record qualitative and quantitative data (only one 24hr data point is needed). If any part of this is unclear - check with me by chat - if your experiment is not setup well, your lab report will not be upto requirement. I will instruct you on graphing and analysis next week and update you on lab report requirements. Bring your data (whatever you have) to class on Friday. Your lab reports will be due on Sept. 15, Monday.

Aug 29, Friday - Happy Labor Day Weekend!
1) We used the examples of killer bees and locusts in class to understand how abiotic factors, biotic factors, behavior, and species dispersal determine distribution and abundance of organisms. Use the West Nile Virus (or any other Introduced/non-native species of your choice) to do an internet search. Figure out how these four factors listed above are determinants of why the organism spread to a new territory. Write a couple of paragraphs explaining this in your own words. Bring me a hardcopy and submit into turnitin.com folder.
2) Go to Unit 8 page - it has the chp 51, and 50 powerpoint - complete your lecture notes upto what was covered in class. Check coming up!3) Pill bug lab: Bring in ALL the supplies and the pill bugs on Wednesday - we will run the first trial for the lab in class.

Aug 27, Wednesday -
1) Go to Articles Page Unit 8 (at the bottom of the page) - find the article pdf 'Tweaking the genetics of behavior' - download or print it and type an article review using guidelines provided next to the article. Single spaced and about 2 pages! Due Aug 29, Friday. Bring me a hardcopy and submit into turnitin.com folder.
2) Go to Unit 8 page from home page - it has the chp 51 powerpoint - complete your lecture notes upto what was covered in class.
3) Pill bug lab:
refine your prelab - you can make changes by crossing the writing with one clean line and placing an asterisk to refer to a page where you have made the changes.

Aug 25, Monday - please read the specifications carefully folks! Don't panic if your prelab raises more questions than you can answer - do your best!

1) Open a gmail account with your first name displayed in the user id followed by .08lhs, so that I know you are my student. Send your instructor an email at savisas@gmail.com - invite me on gtalk - you will frequently need my help and I do chat with my students when the going gets crazy and you want some quick answers - check this email id before each AP class - class data is often posted through email and expect class updates.
2) Pill/Sow bug collection - you are responsible for bringing 25 rollie pollies per group of two students to class for your first experiment - the Campbell Union district office on Union Avenue (3235 Union Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124) has a ton of these critters under the bark. You can find them in compost piles and in moist ground under leaves. You will bring them next Wednesday, Sept 3 (after labor day)! Research what they eat and how to keep them alive - you will need to bring them in a small tupperware with the lid sealed so they don't escape - they will need to stay alive for a week (so get more than 25 if you think you will kill them all!). You will also bring your shoebox and your environments either premade or in ziploc bags to be made in class.
3) Buy a 60/100 page composition lab book and complete prelab - do not get the spiral bound variety - it will rip by the end of first semester. Leave first 3 pages for table of contents. Write your prelab for the animal behavior lab using instructions given in class/ also in labs page (scroll to Unit 8 in labs page). Due on Aug 27, Wed - next class. If you are looking for the second document - Writing a prelab for AP bio - its here and in 'labs' page! Use both these word documents to write your prelab! Start today - this is a difficult assignment!
4) Complete - 'Wrting if-then-when hypotheses statements' (handout - linked to labs page) if you have not done so in class. Due Aug 27, Wed 5) Lab donations - please do bring them in as soon as you can! Please see letter given in class for details. The AP class is requesting $20/ in this letter. Checks may be made payable to Leigh High School. <
6) Be prepared for a quiz on types of variables, control group, experimental group, and writing hypothesis statements.



o- next class