text and other resources

You can view your Campbell textbook online - so if your planning that weekend trip and feel the urge to take your text, don't be worried - there is a solution that does not involve lugging a 60lb book. Use the password below and create your own login to view the text online (etext). Also there are really good accompanying resources - animations, practice tests, reviews, videos, ....so do it anyway and take a tour. You might find that this is the end of the road as far as resources go. I also assin quizzes to do from this site - the CD has the same information.

Student Access:
Follow the 'simple' (see below) directions for registering and accessing the companion website to your textbook.

1. Register at http://www.phschool.com/access/
2. Click on Covered Title, then click on Campbell 5e/6e (it has better web support than the 7th or 8th editions) from the list
3. Choose Student Registration
4. Click- I Accept at the bottom of the License Agreement page
5. Access Information –* Enter or Create your username & password* Enter the appropriate access code : SSNAST-CLONK-HAVEL-MANNA-MYTHS-BYTES
6. Account Information – complete or verify your name & school information
7. Confirmation & Summary – list of websites where you can now login