UNit 1

Unit 1: Chemistry

Simple unit except for Chapter 5 – Macromolecules. Unit 1 deals with basic chemistry, properties of water that make it cool, basic carbon chemistry, macromolecule and enzyme chemistry.

  • Lecture Outlines - complete these in class during the lecture

    Chapter 1,2,3,4 - short chapters so these go together; Chapter 5 - Macromolecules; Chapter 6 - Enzymes

    Objectives - these have questions for you to answer for HW as well as links to animations organized topic wise - click on the links in the word documents to get to the links...

Chapters 1 to 6 (right-click and save link as to download). If for some reason this file does not download for you, try this second option: (click here for the .doc version)
UNIT 1 Objective Answers checked by your instructor - will be posted after objectives are submitted

Powerpoints Download Quicktime if you don't have it. You can get it free from www.apple.com.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Online Resources: 1) Chapter 4 - Functional group flash cards and practice - really important that you learn the functional groups so the next chapter makes sense
2) Another really good site for functional group practice - phschool review
3) Chp 5 - Macromolecules - practice site from Univ. of Arizona
4) Chp 5 - Four levles of protein folding and structure giving you a headache? Check the Protein folding animation out here!
5) Chp 5- Good site on lipids - use it for cell membrane review as well
6) Chp 5 - Building a DNA molecule - simplistic animation, but notice the phosphates and hydroxyl groups attached to ribose sugar - how are they aligned?
7) Chp. 6 - Look for 'Introduction to Metabolism' - use this animation to understand how reactions in the body are organized
8) Chp 6 - A must see animation - Open up 'Catalysis' and read through the free energy changes associated with catalysis - questions on your exam will derive from an understanding of this concept
9) Chp 6 - Use the link to Enzyme Inhibition - fabulous analogy for reaction rates using cars! Go through types of enzyme inhibitors.

Chapter 4 and 5 - HW and review worksheet - print this!