UNit 2

Unit 2: World of Cells

Starts fairly basic and then gets a little boring and detailed in parts – bear with it, more interesting stuff will come soon.  Concepts covered include – basic cell structure, membrane structure and function, cell respiration and photosynthesis (ugh!), cell communication. Use the animations and powerpoints to get you through the details.

Chapters 7 through 11 (right-click and save link as to download)
Chapters 7 through 11 Objective answers checked by your instructor


Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11

Online Resources: tired of reading your text/notes? let these animations help you out during those pre-test late night cramming sessions! your textbook cd also has several animations....

1) Chp 7 - Great animation to learn function of different parts of animal, plant, and bacterial cells - Cells Alive!
2) Chp 7 - Link for SUPER COOL Harvard cell video site - click here
3) Chp 7 - Take the animated quiz and check to see if your cell organelle knowledge is complete!
4) Chp 8 - Formation of phospholipid bilayer - note where the hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts are!
5) Chp 8 - Membrane structure animation - really good site and has review questions
6) Chp 9 - Oxidative phosphorylation - excellent site - to understand chemiosmosis, proton motive force, ATP synthesis
7) Chp 9 - Complete overview of Cell respiration - click on Oxidative Phosphorylation - excellent site once again!
8) Chp 10 - Structure and function of leaf - use this to get you started, also look at powerpoint
9) Chp 10 - Overall photosynthetic process - animation with clear legends (your textbook cd works as well!)
10) Chp 10 - Two more websites for photosynthesis a) Sumanas inc - light reaction - great account of photosynthetic pigments and photosystems b) This site is also only for light reaction - has a real nice 'zoom in' to a leaf
11) Chp 10 - C4 and cAM plants - pl. review - important concept!
12) Chp 11 - Animation of epinephrine action and cAMP pathway - review please!
13) Chp 11 - Animation of muscle contraction - review how calcium is utilised for this process - details will follow later

Class Resources:
Photosynthesis Organizer -
(Test yourself using this organizer)
Cell Respiration Organizer - (Test yourself using this organizer)
Photosynthsis and Cell resp comparison table - important - review this!
Water potential problem set